Binary options trading for iPad – A rich visual and trading experience

iPads, since their inception have grown on from being a fancy or a luxury item to something that we use in our day to day lifestyle. Although some people primarily use their iPads for watching videos or listening to music, or reading a book, for the binary options trader, iPads have managed to replace the laptops and netbooks. The fast paced action that comes with binary options trading has at last found its perfect companion in the iPad. Lightweight, high pixel screen resolution and the fact that with a good network connection an iPad could work from anywhere makes it an ideal smart device for the binary options trader.

While iPads may offer an advantage over iPhones in terms of the screen size and thus a richer visual trading experience, the flipside is that not all brokers offer a binary options mobile trading app for iPads. Because iPads and iPhones both make use of the iTunes App store, some binary options brokers tend to offer the same binary options trading app for iPhones and iPads. This might result in having to compromise on the visual experience. Having said that, if the binary options mobile trading app has just the right features, and tradable options which you trade the most, then maybe it does make sense to compromise on the visual experience.

Searching for binary options mobile trading apps for iPad

If you are completely new to trading binary options on the go, this section will familiarize you with how to go about searching and installing the binary options mobile trading app on your iPad.

The first step is to head to your App store by clicking on the icon on your iPad screen. Search for binary options, or if you already have a binary options broker in mind, search for the broker’s name. In the event you do not see any apps, make sure to tap the ‘iPad Only’ option and change it to ‘iPhone Only’ option. In all probability you should be able to view the apps now. Proceed to install them, just as you would install any other app onto your iPad.

There are some exceptions to this however, as some brokers offer an iPad optimized binary options mobile trading app as well. Such apps offer a rich visual trading experience which is bound to take your mobile trading experience to new heights. Imagine, watching Bloomberg ahead of an important economic news event from the US and trading the EURUSD right from your iPad without having to start up your laptop or even a desktop.

Are iPad binary options trading apps different to iPhone apps?

Not really! With the exception of some additional features iPad binary options trading apps have to offer, most of the apps that are available for the iPhone are also available for the iPad thus offering the same set of features and trading functionality.

One aspect where iPad binary options trading apps might differ would be the charts. Because iPads have a larger screen size compared to iPhones, the charting capabilities are also much sharper and in some cases can even offer some basic technical indicators as well. Of course, nothing can compare to the desktops when it comes charting, but the features offered by the binary options mobile trading apps very well serve the purpose of offering the trader a quick reference to how the price is moving. This is especially important when monitoring any open trades you might have. The basic charting for iPads tends to feature the typical details such as the market price, the price at which you entered the binary options contract, along with a vertical line depicting the expiry time of the contract. This visual approach makes it easier for the trader to get an idea of how their binary options contracts are performing and in some cases offers the chance to close their trade well before the expiry time.

For trading binary options on the iPad, pay attention to the connectivity. Slow connections can play havoc with the trades and even the pricing that you see. So make sure that when trading binary options from the iPad, you have a good connection, preferably a strong wifi network or a in an area where your 3G connectivity is strong. Since binary options traders tend to trade while on vacations as well, for obvious reasons, do pay attention to the data charges that your mobile network provider might charge.

Binary options trading apps for iPad devices – trading on the go

Trading binary options on the iPad can truly offer a great mobile trading experience, unthinkable just a few years ago. Due to the ease of access to the mobile trading apps for iPads, more and more traders have started to trade binary options for their accessibility and their ease of use. If you have an iPad or if you are a binary options trader, try considering using one of the many binary options mobile trading apps for iPads. You won’t be disappointed.